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Workshop and Book Discussion: Material Practices of Power

On May 10th 2019 Law & the Social Research Network hosted its first event; a full-day program on legal materiality and material practices of power.

In the workshop session included five research presentations:

Hyo Yoon Kang (Kent Law School)
# Legal Materiality as a Heterodox Approach

Mahmoud Keshavarz (EV/ Uppsala University)
# Smuggling as a Technical Critique of Borders

Sara Kendall (Kent Law School)
# ‘The beauty … is that it speaks for itself’: New evidentiary forms in international criminal litigation

Daniela Agostinho (University of Copenhagen)
# Remote Technologies, Intimacy and the Liberal Sensorium

Amin Parsa (Lund University)
# International Law and Technological Control of Borders

In the afternoon Sara Kendall (Senior Lecturer in International Law at Kent Law School) engaged in an hour long discussion with Mahmoud Keshavarz (Post doc researcher – Engaging Vulnerability Research Program at Uppsala University) on Mahmoud’s recently published book:

The Design Politics of the Passport: Materiality, Immobility, and Dissent, London: Bloomsbury Visual Arts, 2018. 

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