Law and the Social is a network for interdisciplinary research collaboration between researchers interested in the intersection of law, sociology, gender studies, history, political science, sociology of law, history of ideas, etc. 
Law and the Social aims to provide a platform for researchers and activists from diverse fields to collaborate, organise seminars and workshop as well as  making a community around shared interests. 
Law and the Social Research Network is primarily, but not exclusively, situated and hosted by researchers at Department of Sociology of Law and Faculty of Law in Lund University, Sweden.


Leila Brännström (Faculty of Law – Lund University)
Leila.Brannstrom [at] jur.lu.se

Niklas Selberg (Faculty of Law – Lund University)
Niklas.Selberg [at] jur.lu.se

Markus Gunneflo (Faculty of Law – Lund University)
Markus.Gunneflo [at] jur.lu.se

Amin Parsa (Department of Sociology of Law – Lund University)
Amin.Parsa [at] soclaw.lu.se