Seminar: Decolonizing law and conceptualizing transnational law – theoretical and methodological implications for labour law scholarship

Professor Adelle Blackett (Faculty of Law McGill University)

Date: December 6th 2019
Time: 10:15–12:00
Venue: Styrelserummet at Faculty of Law – Lund University
Discussants: Dr Amin Parsa, Sociology of Law, Dr Niklas Selberg, Faculty of Law
(Lund University)

Professor Blackett is a unique and important voice in a conversation about the critical rethinking of (labour) law and its foundational narratives, as well as aspirations to refocus (labour) law ‘by asking what happens when labour law is forced to see itself in historically rooted, relational, and contextualized terms”. While refusing continuity for its own sake Blackett stresses the need for developing spaces in which alternative and counter-hegemonic narratives – i.e. narratives emerging from labour law’s peripheries in colonized land, dispossessed and disenfranchised people in the global South and North – of the purpose of (labour) law can be taken seriously. Blackett calls for a transnational solidarity in which “those of us articulating alternatives need to redouble our commitment to ensuring inclusive, truthful, and redemptive spaces for each other and for ‘other others’ to ground, (un)learn, and struggle together for emancipatory futures”.

*** This is a public event /// No registration is required ***